The First Post

So… a few months ago, around February.. we acquired a big yellow school bus. I instantly named him Bertie, Jon prefers a more beastly Bertock… Meet Bertie…


This may seem like a crazy idea; we had to borrow funds and neither of us have the correct license to even drive our new project home!

The easy way to explain this is by saying that both us of share the same dream of travelling around in a cosy vehicle that we call home but this has been our dream for years… why now?…

At the end of 2015 both myself and Jon lost a dear loved one, within 2 weeks of eachother (talk about sharing grief!). Although we both have very solid beliefs and a great connection with spirituality, this kind of experience really hits home that the very gift of life is not forever…in this physical realm.

This led us to question.. what are we doing? Are we living out our dream at this very moment in time, or are we working to manifest our dream in some way?

We both decided that it was time to manifest our dreams, and almost instantly, the advert for this really cool  school bus made its way to us…

But that was around 6 months ago now (how the time does fly!), and now we are well into our bus conversion project! We have many pictures and stories to share of our conversion journey so far, with many more on the way I’m sure…

It is so much fun to live this crazy adventure and I trust that it will be fun for you to share in this.

Peace & Love

Emily 🙂







5 thoughts on “The First Post”

  1. Can’t wait to hear all about it Emily. Travel can be exciting and trouble some, but can teach us plenty along the way.
    If we are not living our dreams, we must be living some one else’s. May the both of you have a great journey together.

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