The Apprehensive Wait…


So following our decision to purchase a Mercedes Vario 30 Seater School Bus… we wait.

We purchased our bus from Mike Daly who owns a company in Warrington, Cheshire.

We must say, Mike has been an absolute diamond and we would recommend him for anybody wishing to buy something similar. After we had placed our deposit for Bertie, Mike carried out some finishing touches for us including fixing the air suspension and also carrying out a full mot. Mike then went out of his way to deliver our new vehicle from Warrington to our current abode in East Yorkshire…without charging us a penny! As we said, hes a diamond!

But before the delivery of our project and big yellow adventure… we wait.

As we both eagerly awaited the arrival of Bertie, many thoughts were drifting through our minds; where are we actually going to keep the bus?.. Should we tell our landlords? What will we do first? Will we be able to park it? … We both rested on the same thought and question, will we fit all of our belongings into the bus??

We’re not thinking about clothes, shoes, electrical goods… You see, as musicians we carry quite a lot of gear and toys which we will HAVE to fit in. See for yourself…




Oooo yeah and these…



These aernt so bad to fit in…


And finally…



What do they say- Where there’s a will there’s a way!


Peace & love

Emily & Jon



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