The Unexpected Knock On The Door

Yellow School Bus DIY Camper Conversion

Ah! It was a good relaxing feeling, to sit down after work on a Monday evening, on the eve of a tasty stir fry …until there was a knock on the door…

Apparently having a big yellow school bus on the driveway is not an acceptable look but lucky as we are, our landlords who own quite a lot of farmland, have allowed us to relocate the bus to a patch of land behind where we live, and even let us use a power supply there! Such a blessing it is to be guided through life in trust, faith and love.

So we relocated the bus to its semi permanent location, ready for work to begin!


Let the ripping out commence!


I did find the ripping out quite fun, and I was most surprised that the only insulation in the bus was some old thin polystyrene sheets!

Following ripping out, we decided to let our imagine loose with some design ideas using the very trusty tool of duct tape!


What a huge blank space of potentiality!

All in all it actually took us quite a few weeks of different design idea drawings, and masking out inside the bus, until we actually agreed on our favorite layout which utilised space, shared evenly the weight in the bus, and gave us really kool features that we are looking forward to having, such as being able to sit with a brew and our feet dangling outside the back doors… who knows what we will be looking at!


Peace & Love

Emily x




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