Through The Threshold

Our yellow school bus camper conversion has taken a turn as, following the ripping out stage, we have now decided that we need to undertake some bodywork to the bus, before we can progress with any internal work.

Our gaze switched to the windows…


As you would probably agree, there are quite a lot of windows in our bus and although this is great for the light, it is rather an open space and takes away that private cosy feel.

To begin with, we experimented with tinting a window which we felt would of been a fairly quick and economic solution. However it was soon apparent that the existing bus windows were not only vast but also rather drippy with leaks, not to mention they took up valuable cupboard and storage space!

From all this speculation, we decided on purchasing some fairly economic sheets of aluminium, which we would use to replace the windows and build the walls back into the bus. Following this, we would then look into acquiring some efficient double glazed windows, specifically for campervans/ motorhomes.

But first, time to play with windows…


Oh no, who let him loose with that!?


Silkaflex, we soon learnt, is a fabulous adhesive! Highly recommended except… remember to where gloves!IMAG1725

O yeah, dont you just love free insulation!? Especially the best kind…


Woohooo one frame and sheet… in!


Many more frames to go…

Starting to get there 🙂


Motto for this experience,”Its our bus, we can do what we want”…


Peace & Love

Emily x


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