Early Morning Surprises

Did I mention that in Jon’s excitement, he has been greeting the sun to work on the bus early in the morning and making massive progress! A nice surprise when I went to join him.

So Jon was working on removing those “busy” features that still remained. He took an angle grinder to this wheelchair lift which ended up being so heavy that we both had to leave it where it fell, to await the scrap man!

Check out the inside now! Wooden frames, aluminium, insulating foil and lots of celotex insulation later-


And the outside is also coming together!


Success! 🙂


Time to prime all these sheets…


The question we found ourselves left with was what to do with the existing bus doors, the final remaining feature of the school bus.????


Yes they are very kool but the truth is that they are very draughty, not the most efficient for insulation, they provide very little security and anyone can practically just kick them open, plus the electronics on them had failed so there was not even the joy of the button to open them…

What do you think?


Peace & Love

Emily x





2 thoughts on “Early Morning Surprises”

  1. Just a thought
    Weld the two together and hinge it from one side make a door jam that would fill the gaps on the edge so from the outside still looks like the school bus doors but would have a weather proof door with the old school look

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