School Bus Campervan Conversion Continues…

Following our previous post about whether or not to keep the original bus doors, we decided to put those thoughts aside for the time being, whilst we continued with windows!

Firstly we made a window sized hole! (All measured correctly of course)


Next we inserted our brand new motorhome window! Double glazed should help prevent drafts come the frosty winter months.


As our windows were coming on nicely, we thought about the last remaining bus windows.. the rooflights. Initially these were an awesome feature when we purchased the bus however we soon realised that they were the bringers of drippy leaky watery doom!


Whilst mulling over what to do, we de-rusted and painted our stairs, (recommending KUrust and redlead for this job!)..

We then emptied and tidied the internal space. (When in doubt.. tidy…)



We then got totally distracted! and played with spray cans 🙂


The focus was soon re-discovered, and we went about replacing the rooflights…


Once again we opted for double glazed efficient rooflights, providing beautiful light inside, and eliminating leaks and drafts!


We decided to remove the back rooflight completely, as this was going to be our bedroom space, we didn’t want a lot of light here and much prefer a cave! We covered this with layers of fiberglass.

Yayy celebratory pizza!



Peace & Love

Emily & Jon


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