Summer Head Scratchin’

So we have been a little quiet over the previous few weeks and have not shared too much of our journey, the main truth being all of our spare mental energy has been focused into learning, solving, researching and making decisions… the adventures of the campervan conversion!

So a few pictures from the summer months and what we have achieved…


As you can imagine with the beautiful summer weather, we decided it was the right time to focus on the outdoor tasks at hand, so firstly we had to figure out what to do with the doors, following this we would enter into the realms of paintwork!

We needed to acquire a suitable door for the passenger side, and then whilst we were already choosing a door, we decided to add one to the driver’s side and replace the window that was there initially, our thinking being that an extra access point would be a bonus.

Believe it or not, finding a door was quite a task and left us feeling…well…


We had looked into scrapyards with the idea of getting two van style doors but this turned out to be rather tricky when it would come to the actual installation. What we were trying to find is a door that would be; economic (we are on a budget after all), secure, lightweight (why pay to carry around heavy stuff?) and relatively draft free.

In the end after a lot of research, we found 2 identical motor home style doors from eBay. These were great as they ticked the majority of our boxes, not to mention the installation seemed pretty straight forward.


Did we mention that along with working and the conversion project in general, we were in the process of organising our small summer wedding?!…. Busy times indeed…

But we do feel a sense of peace in the busyness, in the knowing that through hard work, dedication and strong focus, we can achieve anything that we want to… it’s all about choice.


Peace & Love

Emily & Jon x





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