Hello Camper Door!

Following our previous post; Summer Head Scratchin’, we tackled the in between realm of the doorways!




At first, there was a lot of standing around, chin rubbing and the occasional “hhmmm”…


Amidst the planning and pondering, we discovered a squatter!


Let the building commence…





The other side proved a little more tricky, as there was not anything solid running along the bottom to actually fix to and so this took a little more planning…





To be continued….




5 thoughts on “Hello Camper Door!”

    1. Hi thank you for your comment… Indeed it has been a little while and the bus is coming on great thanks! We are nearing the end of the conversion, and now hibernation season is passing, I will certainly craft some new posts with updates and pics! How is bus life for you? 🙂

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      1. Ah I didnt realise that you were converting too! Are you going travelling once its completed? Thats awesome… Yeah we are aiming for around the middle of March, not long to go…it is so exciting isnt it! 🙂

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      2. Yes, we bought a Leyland National just before Christmas. We’re going to start off by visiting every county in the UK (mainland), and then head to Europe. We are vlogging at YouTube.com/thelittlesthobo if you fancy taking a look.

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