We Have Moved… Welcome to CamperBus Nomads!


We have moved!!

You can follow us & read our stories at- http://www.camperbusnomads.com


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If you were following us before, you have probably noticed that it has been a while since we shared our stories, we basically totally dived further down the rabbit hole of the campervan conversion, became hermits for a few months and completed our conversion!!! Yeahhhh!


So what now?

Now we have converted a school bus into our luxury campervan, got rid of the majority of our belongings, (keeping our prized possessions), and are living in our motor home full time, we are currently writing an e-book sharing how we did it, and how you can too!

Alongside that mini project, we are going to share the process with you on here, sharing all the good, the bad and the ugly… useful conversion tips that we learnt… how to figure out the different systems of plumbing, electric, gas and heating… handy campervan life and small living tips, our travelling adventures and whatever else makes its way into camperbus nomads!



Do you have any questions for us about the conversion, or anything you would like us to share in particular? Leave a comment below, we would love to hear from you…



Until next time


Emily & Jon