Hello Camper Door!

Following our previous post; Summer Head Scratchin’, we tackled the in between realm of the doorways!




At first, there was a lot of standing around, chin rubbing and the occasional “hhmmm”…


Amidst the planning and pondering, we discovered a squatter!

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The Unexpected Knock On The Door

Ah! It was a good relaxing feeling, to sit down after work on a Monday evening, on the eve of a tasty stir fry …until there was a knock on the door…

Apparently having a big yellow school bus on the driveway is not an acceptable look but lucky as we are, our landlords who own quite a lot of farmland, have allowed us to relocate the bus to a patch of land behind where we live, and even let us use a power supply there! Such a blessing it is to be guided through life in trust, faith and love.

So we relocated the bus to its semi permanent location, ready for work to begin!


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