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“All our dreams can come true if we have the courage to pursue them”- Walt Disney


Souls Journey

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Each and everyone of us right now, in this physical existence on Earth, are on our own souls journey. But what is souls journey?

Souls journey is living the lessons that you learn, as you live. We have all agreed to come to this point as part of our souls journey for a purpose, whatever that may be. Perhaps that purpose is to experience a particular feeling, to learn a lesson be it a good experience or bad, but ultimately souls journey is to learn by experience, and to grow.



Emily & Jon



1 Week To Go!

Our excitement is vibrating the atmosphere as we prepare for the arrival of our big yellow bus!

Firstly we thought that it would be a good idea to see how the bus will fit onto our driveway. We are quite fortunate having a shared driveway with our neighbor, with enough room for both of our cars. As we live on a farm which has converted its barns into houses, there is quite a pleasant community feel here. Our original thoughts were that we could park our cars behind our house on the communal road, leaving space on our driveway for the bus.

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Duct tape- a most useful tool!

So the reality started to set in that perhaps this was going to be a tight squeeze, but one of our main philosophies on life is to be positive! We understand the impact that our thoughts can have on reality, as our thoughts are very real, and so we both continued to observe our thoughts, and discard any negative fear that was making its way into our heads.

Speaking of the power of thoughts, there has been a range of very interesting experiments carried out concerning how thoughts affect our environment, our state of wellbeing and many other fascinating discoveries. For further information, check out research from Masaru Emoto, on the link below-

So yes, positive thoughts… all will work out perfectly… the bus will fit on the driveway…life is great…..

Peace & love

Emily & Jon




The First Post

So… a few months ago, around February.. we acquired a big yellow school bus. I instantly named him Bertie, Jon prefers a more beastly Bertock… Meet Bertie…


This may seem like a crazy idea; we had to borrow funds and neither of us have the correct license to even drive our new project home!

The easy way to explain this is by saying that both us of share the same dream of travelling around in a cosy vehicle that we call home but this has been our dream for years… why now?…

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